Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sometimes I wonder what my goldfish think................ ♥

An average human will travel about 3658753 (source: in their lifetime, we can go anywhere and do anything. But what about a fish? They are stuck within a tiny space; sometimes shoved in with other fish they don't even know! All they do is swim around in circles all day.. I read in a book that they have a really short memory so they don't remember what they just did, though I don't know how true that is. I do hope it is true though because it means they can't be so bored all the time. But I guess life would be pretty bad if you had a short memory still.... hmmm.

An average human will eat about 8,000kg (source: KGB Answers) of food in their lifetime, eating whatever we want, where ever we choose. Fish only have a small selection in their life, flakes, sticks.... well my fish do. Today I bought (with my mum's money) some more fish food for my fish. I was running low on the mini sticks I had for them and didn't realise I had some larger sticks under the fish tank. So I decided to make a little mix of the three so they would get variety every day :) When I'd done that, (before this you need to know that the goldfish are mine and my dad has more of an interest than my mum) I sat down and told my mum and brother what I had done. They went mad and said things like "that could be really bad for your fish!". My initial reaction was to disagree, but then I got worried at the thought my fishiess might get poorly if I ever fed them that food! My mum told me to try and separate the food again, so I set out on the impossible task. I was going as quickly as possible because my mum had said my dad would go mad at me.When I was about half way through my dad walked in laughing.. "What are you doing!?" I explained the situation and he said it didn't even matter! I was so angry at my mum!

Well.... I still wonder what my fish are thinking right now... aren't they bored?........ aren't they fed up of the same food?...... I guess I will never know....

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And yes... my fish are named after Key 103 breakfast!                                                                                                    


Chelsea said...

haha me too.. i talk to mine. so normal

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