Saturday, 26 March 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge ♥

I've signed up for the 'A-Z Blogging Challenge'...

I have to write a post everyday starting with A on the 1st and ending on ending on Z on the 30th. Missing out Sundays, which will equal 26 posts.

Please support me in this as I know a lot of letters will be hard to write a post on! If you have any ideas for the difficult letters comment below.

Or tweet me on @ruthteal or tweet #ruthietootiebloggingchallenge, I need all the support I can get!

My Dad is also in this challenge, visit his blog..... He has an amazing blog and recently won an 'Inspiring Blog Award', well done Dad!


Holly Jones said...

I have signed up too and my initial plan was to get a lot of writing done before April. That hasn't happened, so I shall be relying heavily on inspiration.
I think your blog is lovely :)
Thanks for following me, I look forward to reading your April posts :)


Ruth Teal said...

Holly- I'm sure they will be great! Thanks for folllowing me :)x
Lee- You really should, my dad has a great blog :) x

KatieO said...

Hi Ruth- I'm following you now - can't wait to see what you come up with for April ;-)
Good luck!

Ruth Teal said...

Katie- Looking forward to what you write too, two days to go! :)