Wednesday, 27 April 2011

'X' Factor ♥

I LOVE the X factor, it is the mother of Saturday night TV. I sit with my family in our living room eating a take away and watching the amazing show!

This may seem off topic, but there seems to be a buzz going around that is: Twitter or Facebook? (which are you?)

Not being a Facebook user (as I am under age) I can't answer this, but I know a few things that puts Twitter on top for me:

-On Facebook, someone has to accept you as a friend before you can see their status updates
-On Twitter, you can just follow whoever and immediately see their tweets!

Here are some of the X Factor stars that I have on twitter:
@JLSOfficial (JLS)
@ollyofficial (Olly Murs)
@alexandramusic (Alexandra Burke)
@NiallOfficial (Niall off One Direction)
@zaynmalik (Zayn off One Direction)
@matt_cardle_uk (Matt Cardle)
@Real_Liam_Payne (Liam off One Direction)
@TheXFactor (The X Factor)
@onedirection (One Direction)
@Harry_Styles (Harry off One Direction)
@Mr_Grimshaw (Aiden Grimshaw)

Here is One Direction back stage in their new Pokemon advert... Pokemon just got a whole lot more popular!


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