Sunday, 19 June 2011


Today is Fathers Day, so here's to John Teal...
don't even ask why he has a hat on!

John Teal is the 'bloggerer' of four different blogs (for the time being!)
-RJR Daydreamer: The blog about his life
-RJR Originals: The blog about his company/work
-RJR Models: The blog about his hobby
-Ashton Stake Young Women: The blog about Ashton Stake Young Women, this is kind of a favour to my mum    as she is Ashton Stake Young Women's president

So I followed in my dad's footsteps and now have two blogs (I don't think I would have the patience to manage four!)
-RuthieTootie Wishes: The blog about  my life
-Creative Mind: The blog about my hobby & trying to make my company/work!

John Teal is amazingly creative, these are his own words: 'Creativity seems to manifest itself in so many different ways. I have read about films, cookery, model making, and life in general. Even when the blogs are not about a creative activity, the blog itself is creative !'

My dad and I once had a compotition to see how many followers we could get during the A-Z Challenge. He was ahead by like 20 and I finally gave up.

When I ask my dad each year about a week before Fathers Day what he would like, he always tells me "nothing".

This year my reply was something like "Well, I'm ovbiously gonna get you something, so either tell me what you want or I will just get you something useless that you don't want or need."

He replied: "Party Rings."

Party rings it was!

I hope you enjoy your day dad, I love you lots! 


RJR said...

thanks Ruth, of course my 3 greatest creations are you and Rach and Jake !

Party Favour said...

but he has 5 blogs Ruth

Party Favour said...

he has 5 blogs ruth

Ruthie said...

yes he added another today.