Saturday, 27 August 2011

Comments ♥

I was just going through allllllll my comments since I started this blog and I feel touched how nice every blogger I meet is to me! I remember when I first got a blog and I had welcoming messages from all my new followers. My next big step was the A-Z Challenge and although I'm not an avid writer I enjoyed the challenge of having to think of something new each day and I still wrote posts on our day off! After that I had quite a number of regular viewers for a few months and then........... 

Yep, a whole lot of nothing! I would write maybe once a month and not even get one comment because I knew my blog wasn't even worth looking at!
After my fresh post start I'm hoping that I can attract all my followers to start looking at my blog again :)
I PROMISE I will TRY and write about once a week, always reply to comments (ovbiously) and regularly update!

Pleaseeeee come back!
Until next time...


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Ruthie! I'm still here....just not had much time for blogging, or reading blogs, lately.
Love your new look, and looking forward to seeing what you get up to next.
Just a bit of advice....go to your followers' blogs, and leave comments on their work...if they've got good manners, they'll come back to yours...just a thought...good luck!

Cathy said...

Hi Ruthie, I'm still here, too. Looking forward to what you'll post next. I like your background.

Anonymous said...'s the deal. You write, I read. Okay.....go!!

Anonymous said...

Well is school? New friends new classes new challenges? Do you bus to school or walk? Interesting things on the way to school? Just watched an interesting show last night on bullying in the schools....any experience with that? Just a few ideas to get you started.

Crafty Girl said...

Ruthie! I love your blog so much! You've got to post more often if I where you! I know how you feel. I've been really busy lately with school and soccer and all, but I still post every once and a while! You're probably never going to read this comment, but if you are, comment on my blog and keep on posting!