Monday, 7 February 2011

Bad memory :/ ♥

At the minute my memory is really failing me, it is like a sieve! I seem to forget things as soon as someone tells me and it's really weird. the biggest thing it is letting me down in is my piano theory; I have been doing piano since I was six and always have to do theory after an exam. It is a big thing whether or not you pass your theory if you have passed your pratical. At the beggining of theory and the end of pratical, you get a theory book which is work to do to practice for your papers. This is the stage I am at on my grade 4 and every week my poor piano teacher has to repeat the same thing because I forget it by the time a few days have passed! Maybe I have too much on my mind, just a tempory thing (hopefully!) or maybr I'm just going crazy;) but I doubt it!!!

or the theory is just too hard!!!!!!!!;)


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I was going to comment, but forgot what I was going to say ?

Ruth Teal said...

very funny:)