Friday, 4 February 2011

Hard work and Television ;) ♥

I just watched television with my sister. It started with 'deal or no deal' but we started getting a bit bored so turned on MTV on its new channel number (126) and watched 'Made'. For those of you that aren't MTV fans, 'Made' is a programme where someone (or in today's programme a team) ask to be made into something they want to be. On the episode I just watched it was a rubbish cheer leading team who wanted to be better. A proffesional cheer leader came in and harshly trained them for 6 weeks until they were all friends and good perfomers. They all agreed at the end they had been 'Made'.
Why has she put this on her blog? Is the one of the many questions you could be asking yourself right now... well, I guess I don't really know the answer. I think mainly because we don't ever think to ourselves what we can achieve with a bit of hard work and inspiration; we are all more capable than we think. 
That very much reminds me of what my Product Design teacher told me today when I was telling her how I had caught up with what first took me 4 weeks in just one lesson (my plastic had broken and I had to start again). She said those exact words "well it shows what you can do when you really work hard". 
I think we can all do whatever we want, if we really, truly try.