Saturday, 26 February 2011

Camillaaaaaaaaa:D ♥

Camilla is one of my BEST FRIENDS!! And today I inspired her; and that inspires me:) She looked at my blog and decided to create her own.

I lovee her she is mad, kind, funny and plainly amazing!

This is her blog:) and it is really good and there are the cutest pictures of her little brother and sisters on there too :)

Love you camilla:) or should I say Cameelaa (hahaha private joke) xxxx


CamiiP said...

Yep thats me!! :D xx The one and only!! :D xx CAMEEEEEEEELA!! :D xx Haha lol!! :D xx

Ruth Teal said...

And now I have inspired Sariah toooo!!!!! :) xxxxxx

Sariah:) said...

HA!:) x

Sariah:) said...

Ruth... Please will you put the full photo on your blog of all of us? Want it as my picture you see;) You know the one you've edited!<3 x

Ruth Teal said...

which one you mean? xx