Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fainting Goats ♥

As my family and I set off for church this morning, we left Jacob (my older brother) at home because he had been up all night coughing. When we got home he was watching "MythBusters" and told me a few of the things they had had on so far..... the one I found most interesting was something he mentioned about 'fainting goats'.

He told me that they have a genetic disorder that causes them to stiffen and fall over when startled, just like this:

Poor things! But I have to admit it is very fuuny!

Jacob also said that they are specially bred to protect sheep because in the sign of a predator they will faint and this warns the sheep. The sheep run off and the goat gets eaten, how sad! When I said that after Jacob had told me he simply replied:

'Sheep are more valuable than goats.'