Friday, 15 April 2011

'M'eeeee! ♥

Well, I'm a twelve year old girl, am I really going to pass up the chance to write a post about mysef?!

I realised not many of my posts actually explain much about me, so I decided I was going to write about the interesting things in my life.... please keep reading because if you think that there can't really be many interesting things in a twelve year old girl's life; you are totally wrong! I've been to hospital in an ambulance! Haha... seriously though, wait to you hear that story!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my 'me' post!

I am VERY clumsy and clumsiness usually ends up with me and mu mum/dad waiting in Oldham Royal Hospital's A and E department waiting room for hours on end at least once a year! I actually find it an achievement though that I have only broken one bone-

Year 2, Breaktime, Skipping. My friends and I were having fun taking turns skipping up and down the hill. Next thing I know I am on the floor with a blood covered knee. The dinner lady thought nothing of it when I told her my shoulder hurt; she was more worried about my knee that was bleeding horribly.

The same day. At home. After attempting to get my pinafore off (and failing) I ran downstairs crying and asked my mum to take it off without hurting my shoulder. She took me to hospital (bearing in mind it was now three o clock and had been hurting since dinner).
Hospital. After an x-ray, it was confirmed, I had broken my right collarbone.

And everyone has to have choked at least once right?! I've choked twice.. one a lot more serious than the other...

The first one was when I was little and I choked on a penny in Housing Units and after a bit of patting on my back I sicked it out!

The second one was last year on Fathers Day (sorry dad!) when I choked on roast beef. After 20 minutes or so of my dad doing everything he could to get it out, we realised we needed to ring the ambulance. When the paramedics arrived they realised they couldn't do anything either, we were soon on our way to the hospital. By this time I had already coughed a thousand times and soon got rushed into a room in a wheel chair and got plugged on to a heart beat machine. The doctor gave me a drip in my arm to loosen my throat muscles and I coughed a piece of beef the size of my little finger out just as the man that was going to reach down my throat or in the worst case scenario cut me open! Talk about timing! I got purple spots on my face because I had popped the little vessels from coughing and my eyes went all red and puffy. As soon as it came out I felt better though, just a bit tired. That was my most recent x-ray which I had on my chest to check that there was nothing left.

Immediate Family:

I could do this part in French of German if I really wanted to, but I'm not going to!

Mum- My mum is a physio therapist. She is very busy and organised. Her birthday is on the 26th March.
Dad- My dad is a home improver. He is very creative. His birthday is on the 23rd January.
Rachel- My older sister is 17. She works in an american sweet shop. Her birthday is on the 21st November.
Jacob- My older brother is 15. He works as a paper boy. His birthday is on the 3rd of February.

Me- I am twelve. I don't have a job. My birthday is on the 26th June.

That's all I have time for today but hopefully I am setting up an 'About Me' static page so you may be able to read more there!


KarenG said...

I had no idea you were so young, because your writing seems mature. Sorry for all the accidents but at least they had good outcomes :) Your family sounds so nice. I love it that you are LDS, I wish I could meet your family. Maybe if you all ever come to Salt Lake? Then you must visit my home and I will cook you an all American dinner but no choking allowed!!!

Bish Denham said...

Just twelve? You write VERY well! No doubt you'll grow out of the clumsy stage and be a graceful young lady.

Keep up the writing. You can only get better and better.

Ruthie said...

Karen- thank you! I dont think we will be coming to salt lake anytime soon because my mum is scared of flying!
Bish- thank you very much!

Thank you both for your lovely comments, they make me feel very happy! :D