Thursday, 21 April 2011

'R'andomm....!:) ♥

R is for Random- Today's post is a collection of sentences to do with a collection of words beginning with R!

R is for Red- My nails are VERY red today
R is for Road signs- There are road signs on my street today
R is for Royal Bank of Scotland- The bank my family go to
R is for Rachel- My 17 year old sister
R is for Ruth- Me!
R is for Rush- I was in a big rush yesterday
R is for Road- The roads are busy at the minute
R is for Road Works- There are roadworks on the main road at the minute
R is for Ring- A burning ring or a wedding ring; you choose
R is for Rabbit- I had a rabbit called Frostie
R is for Rosemary and Parsley- The names of the pet chickens we used to have
R is for Record- Something I could have got at bowling yesterday (if I wasn't so bad!)
R is for RuthieTootieWishes- Check out my new pages: Cardmaking and Scrapbooking
R is for RJR Daydreamer- Check out my dad's blog
R is for Rumplestiltskin- I love that little guy!
R is for Raise Your Glass-

And R is apparently for Restricted! Ah well, that song gets in everyones head to easily anyway!

I'm all out of R's now sorry!


nutschell said...

random R's indeed! I love Pink. :) thanks for sharing her video.
Great meeting you through the A-Z!


Carole Anne Carr said...

Love the blog and Great Grandma looks lovely too.

Duckie. said...

R is for Rubbish,your big brothers blog!! Get him going Ruth!

JPooley said...

I came across this while I was searching for your blog. I thought it was another blog of yours but it turns out it was a different Ruthie...

Does card-making go with the name?

Ruthie said...

nutshell- you're welcome- thanks for visiting!
Carol- thank you
Grandad- haha!
Uncle john- i like your new blog :) and haha yes it must do!