Monday, 18 April 2011

'O'nline ♥

You are 'online' when you are on the internet (as you probably know). I LOVE being online! If I am ever sat in my house bored, I just get my laptop out and sit online for hours!

I bet you're wondering what I do online.

Well maybe not.

Just a little bit?

The first thing always has to be the blog world. I'll turn my computer on, check my blog for comments and followers, read and reply to all and usually follow my followers. Then I will have a look at some of the posts which catch my eye out of my followers then find new people to follow etc. This can go on for at least an hour!

The next thing I may do is check my emails, which is usually overloaded with emails off blogger showing me the comments I have just read (that is why this paragraph begins with 'may'!) and rarely it has a few interesting ones.

The final thing I don't do daily but at least once a month is general browsing over internet shops. This includes trying to get information about shops (eg. opening times, locations etc.), ebay, amazon, online shops and once in a blue moon looking at the card making forum I joined (I don't know, maybe I have unjoined it now?) years ago!

I hoped you enjoyed todays post. There wasn't much for me to do for 'O', sOrry!

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