Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A bit of a clean up, a fresh start ♥

As you can see my blog has a new look!

Not that I disliked my old one but I think it just needed to change. My first thought was to make a new blog, but my dad said that I shouldn't  just get a new one when I have spent so long getting this one right!

I had to think about it because I know my blog hadn't had many views in a while. But then I realised the absoloute ovbious, that was because I hadn't posted in while! DUH!

Well, I hope you're all superduper excited for my next post!XXX


Cherie Reich said...

I like the new look. Colorful but subtle too. :)

Duckie. said...

Nice one Ruthie, haven't been on for a while, but you know that I've been very busy and its not that your blog was'nt worth it.
Your page views have nearly caught up to mine and I've been blogging quite a bit longer than you.

Ruthie said...

Thanks Cherie!
& dont worry grandad, I hadn't posted in ages anyway! and yay, maybe i can catch up to you!